Appleton C of E Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo): Kate Griffiths

SEND Governor: Lucy Stanley

Email: (Please note my working days are Monday and Tuesday. For urgent enquiries please contact the school office.) 

Below is a link to our SEND information report, which explains how we support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, including:

  • How we identify and assess children with SEND
  • How we evaluate the effectiveness of our provision
  • How we monitor the progress of children with SEND
  • Our approach to teaching children with SEND and how we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for them
  • How we enable children with SEND to engage in school activities with their peers
  • Additional support for learning that is available, and support for social, emotional and mental health
  • Information about the expertise and training of school staff and the resources available
  • How we involve parents and children in planning for their needs
  • How we involve other organisations such as Local Authority support services and voluntary organisations in meeting the needs of children with SEND.

SEN information report

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service offer free impartial advice to parents in confidence. Click on the link below or call 01865 810516


The Oxfordshire County Council Local Offer for children with SEND can be found here:

Oxfordshire Local Offer


Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2014:

Code of Practice 2014

Oxfordshire Guidance for SEN Support:

Early Years SEN Guidance

SEN guidance for schools


Approximately one in five children will have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) at some time during their school career.

This means they may have difficulty with:

• Reading, writing or mathematics

• Understanding information and expressing themselves

• Organising themselves

• Skills in sensory perception or physical mobility

• Managing their behaviour

• Making friends or relating to adults.



We will assess your child to identify their strengths, needs and the extra support they require.

This will involve parent consultations, pupil involvement (where appropriate) and external agency reports. The plan will be ratified by the local authority.

At Appleton Primary School we aim to:

• Meet the needs of the whole child

• Remove barriers to learning

• Celebrate each and every child and help to build their confidence and self esteem

• Develop pupil independence and create resilient learners

• Provide access to a relevant tailored curriculum which may include specific interventions or adaptations including the use of assistive technology

Most of all, we want your child to feel happy and safe in school, make friends and feel well-supported.

When a child has difficulties relating to their Social, Emotional or Mental Health, we are able to offer one-to-one or group nurture sessions. We are also currently fortunate to be able to offer sessions for some children with a Pets as Therapy Dog.