Appleton C of E Primary School

Learning in Reception

 Continuous provision:                      Through our continuous provision we provide our children with a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. This is carefully planned, enabling our pupils to learn new skills, challenge their thinking and embed new concepts.

Our curriculum:                                     Our creative and innovative curriculum ensures children have strong foundations in all areas of learning; giving them the academic skills, emotional awareness and moral purpose they need to become valuable members of our local community.

Our school values:                                       Our school vision 'Building Wisely for Life' and the associated values of respect, responsibility and kindness, provide the foundation for our children’s personal, social and emotional development. These are embedded throughout our curriculum. 

Speaking and listening:                              At Appleton, we recognise the huge importance that speaking and listening skills play in a child’s future success both academically and socially. Language and communication, alongside high-quality phonics and early reading are the heart of our curriculum. 

Curriculum plan for 2023 -2024                                                                                                                                                                                            /docs/Learning/Curriculum/Reception_curriculum_plan_2023-2024.pdf