Appleton C of E Primary School

Attendance and punctuality


Attending school regularly is important, not only to your child’s academic achievement but also to their mental health, wellbeing, and wider development. 

Research has found that not only do pupils who perform better at the end of primary and secondary school miss fewer days than those who didn’t perform as well, but also that regular attendance is essential in preparing our young people for successful transition to secondary school and beyond. We provide opportunities for all pupils to develop positive peer relationships, which in turn helps prepare them for successful transition to secondary school and beyond. 

90% attendance= 1/2 day missed every week

1 school year at 90% attendance = 4 weeks of learning missed

Over 5 years of school = 1/2 a school year missed



We do monitor attendance and punctuality closely and work closely with our families where needed. If you would like any support around punctuality and attendance please do get in touch.